Blog « Slide Guitars » - back to 2011

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Blog « Slide Guitars » - back to 2011

Scoop it is hosting "Slide Guitars", my blog about everything on slide music!


With more than 2400 visitors in half a year (the blog has been created last June) and 514 posts, "Slide guitars" is becoming bigger day after day. It has been classified among the top 10 of blogs'. Thanx for sharing this passion for slide music too! Here's a selection of 25 favorites just for you! 

Top 25


1. Yeshe 

2. Patrice Michaud  

3. Solal 

4. David Gilmour 

5. Tonbruket 

6. Lil' Band o' Gold 

7. Hazmat modine 

8. Mathieu Pesque 

9. La maison Tellier 

10. Ray Lamontagne and the Pariah dog 

11. Dick Rivers: Mister D 

12. Mike Perlowin 

13. Jaimi Faulkner 

14. Neil Young 

15. N.C. Lawlor 

16. Marc Woodward 

17. The Saint Dirt Elementary School



18. Norah Jones & Bonnie Raitt (live) 

19. Original soundtrack of kiki's delivery's service with a pedal-steel guitar 

20. How it's made: National Guitar Resophonic 

21. Chord Finder for open-tunings 

22. Mike's Neer blog "Lap Steelin" 

23. Build Your own Lap Steel Guitar 

24. Multibender Duesenberg: Aborder la pedal-steel sur votre lap steel 

25. Le lap Steel de chez Moog 

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