Concert at The Olympia - Paris

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Concert at The Olympia - Paris

8:00 pm Saturday, March 31, 2012...

While the General lights go off to let place to black and the artist, Franz goes on stage with his D35 Martin's guitar. The set begins with "Gone, gone, gone" on Dobro, followed by "I really Blog you" played in a folk version including harmonica, which is clearly identifiable by the connoisseurs of this figure of style. After this second title and a brief introduction, Franz plays "Gospel, Jesus andyour blues". The last two pieces of the set "Free (The Ballad of John Dillinger)" and "Only one shot" will be part of the album which will be released later on. It is through applause that the spectators salute his performance... Franz just played the first part of Dick Rivers to an enthusiastic audience!

Here are 2 comments left on the forum of Dick Rivers by fans:
"Bravo Franz Robert for your first part of Dick Saturday night at the Olympia, the public wasn't wrong, you make a very good and notable delivery."
and yet:
"I barely finished my post I see that"dickosovo"just speak well of the first part, it is therefore agree, Franz Robert which I had not given wrongly named, deserves to be associated with the success of the concert because it has the talent!"


Dick Rivers - Franz Robert Wild - Olympia 2012




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