New Videoclip: The story behind the scenes

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New Videoclip: The story behind the scenes


This is with a great pleasure that we're bringing you this new video, the first one!

In the gallery of photo below you'll see a little bit of the work done. 

Jezz wrote the scrpit based on discussion with Oli le Baron, Helene Laurichesse and me. Then he shoot all the scenes needed, and me... i just played... a delight! 

Margaux Vinzia our assitant was there to catch these moment gracefullly as she always does. Thanx Margaux!

We really hope you'll find the pleasure we had to do it as you'll be watching it. We let it now in your hand, concious of the weaknesses due to the low budget we have.  

Tournage du clip "Gone, gone, gone"

















Please go to the Youtube, Vimeo, Daylimotion... no matter which one you prefer. We need your help in writing a comment, relaying the video on your blog. You can make it more popular. The real deal behind the story is: Being! Jezz writes a script in the mainline of what I am everyday. Of course, this is an artistic effort, so you can't find anything relevant except the lyrics of the song mixed with the video offers a new perception to it. Evocation of Charlie Chaplin comes from my deep appreciation of his work. I feel him to have been the greatest in the XXth century and it seems just like I will always be looking after his work, just like I do it in music through this artistry of Bob Dylan.


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