Why I won't be selling my music with Tunecore

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Why I won't be selling my music with Tunecore

I'm in anger !!!



Straight in anger. I have been sent a few days ago a deal from my former distributor Zimbalam, which is now closing its department (or should I say, Believe Digital who owns Zimbalam is closing this department of his company).  They were offering me the distribution of "The French House" through the new platform "Tune Core". I don't know why, but I wasn't feeling too much confident with this offer. So I was on the watch.




After digging the matter it turns out TuneCore is paying artist 100% of money coming in. Very good... Much better than Zimbalam who was paying back at 90/10. But where matter sucks is that Tunecore is working with annual fees. When Zimbalam was limited to 10% of your revenue, Tunecore will be rationalising its offer. They already know they will make more money than the previous offers, simply because if you're not selling electro, most of the people won't buy your music digitaly. Their income is much better this way. So now, with Tunecore, if you quit paying, your music will simply disappear from the radar. Your music online, will be removed. 

Tableau des ventes de musique numérique 2016musicstreamingindex020114

Back in time between 2013 and today, somewhere on the agenda of digital distributors such as Deezer/Spotify and Youtube, streaming income have vastly evaporated. See the charts above. Technically if you're listening to a song 10 times in a row or in a playlist that comes over and over (in a shop for example), as the song been downloaded onto your computer once, the new method of payment will consider one upload and pay for this one only. Now... look for peanuts !! 

But where can we look for paying back production costs if we can't get payed in a proper manner and have to pay fees everytime we are looking for a solution?

So unless you are a label with all the tools for promotion, you will find it hard to be an indie artist !! For now, Viva BandCamp !!!  

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