The River Of Doubt (Radio Edit) – Press Release

Published on 8 March 2022

Toulouse the 04th of March 2022

“The River Of Doubt”. The name of the song has been inspired by the story of Theodore Roosevelt who organized an expedition in 1914 to discover the mysterious itinerary and final destination of the River of Doubt, in the Amazon Valley of Brazil. This expedition almost took the life of the former president of the United State. 

Everyone has its own memory of water play at the river or on the beach, isn’t it? There you go with unvarnished personal stories that never dry up with the years. But the River of doubt drags in her current the weight of unfinished dreams, the corpses of ennemies, of defeats lurking at the surface like rocks ready to break our fragile boats.

What will you hear in this new song ? The River Of Doubt is the 4th single from the forthcoming album CHANGE. The song is structured around simple and vibrant chords in open tuning while the lyrics emphasize about life uncertainties everyone of us struggle with. “It’s like a shadow covering your wedding bed, no matter the life you led…”. Trust and doubts is what’s it’s all about. The second verse starts with the line “Son, never dive into the river of doubt” followed by a question/answer between the guitar and the lead vocal. The message of the song remain hopeful ending with the voice of Franz saying : “Under the Milky Way, where your conscience arise, there’s light for you, that shines into the darkness “.

“ All I wanted while creating new songs for CHANGE was getting close to some of the vibes I loved to listen to in my U2’s favorite albums, from Joshua tree & Rattle and Hum period ” Franz recall. He plays the intro with his 12 strings guitar tuned in DADGAD, which gives a folk vibe to this classic rock songwriting. “ Dadgad is a tuning often used in Celtic music and in this song it’s the perfect setting for epic rock. It’s one that gives you the great vibe. And I hope people will love to have a listen to this radio edit. The full length version will air in July with the release of the album ”. 

Distribution : Kaa Production

Listen to ‘The River Of Doubt’ single in RIVERS. A playlist prepared especially for you by Franz : Spotify / Deezer

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Société phonographique :  GLISSANDO MUSIC & ARTS – Tél. : +33 (0)5 63 58 41 92 / +33 (0)6 63 01 59 27

Distribution numérique :  KA’A PRODUCTION

Booking :  ATOMES PROD – Tél. : + 33 (0)4 68 47 68 19  /  +33 (0)6 79 04 83 28 –

This is a portrait of Franz Robert WILD by Patrick Betbeder

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