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Change is the second album of Folk singer-songwriter, Franz Robert WILD, from Toulouse, France.  Releasing a new album along with producer Florent Soler who dispensed himself solely for the success of this album. He unleashes a new set of tunes ~ for our listening pleasure ~ that came together in studio and are now making their long-awaited debut! 

All along the way, Change brings to us the work and love of many.  Primarily, those of more than 130 Ulule sponsors, without whom, this production wouldn’t be a reality.

But that’s just the beginning… thanks to the collaboration of artists (French, American, German) this new opus is opening a brand new direction compared to his predecessor “The French House”. 

French singer Dick Rivers, Theremin player Carolina Eyck and French multi-instrumentalist Manu Bertrand have come to play, each bringing their own individuality and talent. Emmy-award winning female singer, Toni Childs, gave sound advice during the songwriting of “The Walled Piano”. 

Change is a mix between soft-rock, pop & folk. We go through a blend of Neil Young & Bob Dylan’s music, reminiscence of George Harrison, Kurt Vile, Laura Marling, Peter Gabriel, Barclay James Harvest and Smashing Pumpkins, to name a few. 

Change talks about political and ecological failure, parenthood and revived love. It talks, it talks, it talks… well, we should say this album sings like never before ! Change, change, change…  

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Soundtrack :
1. The River Of Doubt
2. First Aid Kid
3. Circles
4. Just Like
5. Change
6. Death Or Life
7. Cheyenne Blue Sky (Featuring Dick Rivers)
8. You Warm Embrace
9. The Walled Piano
10. The Long Drive

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