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Unclassified - Published on 6 July 2022

Toulouse July 1 2022 Following a serie of 7 singles uncovered between April 2021 et June 2022, « The Long Drive » will the the final excerpt of the new album CHANGE. This digital release is associated with the full release of CHANGE in digital version, made of 8 tracks of which 5 are radio edited. There… View Article

Unclassified - Published on 1 June 2022

01 Juin 2022 – Toulouse, France JUST LIKE (Radio Edit) Is to be released on June 3 2022. It will be the very before last excerpt single of the future album “Change”. “Just Like” is a romantic ballad, the only one included in the new album. The Mellotron is the central piece of the movement… View Article

Unclassified - Published on 11 April 2022

Toulouse 04-11-2022 Your Warm Embrace is the 5th single to be issued from « Change » and the only one to be played on piano. It’s a simple production with a simple idea and the meaning of this song is everyone’s concern. The preservation of diversity and wildlife on earth. Franz says : ” I could not… View Article

Unclassified - Published on 8 March 2022

Toulouse the 04th of March 2022 “The River Of Doubt”. The name of the song has been inspired by the story of Theodore Roosevelt who organized an expedition in 1914 to discover the mysterious itinerary and final destination of the River of Doubt, in the Amazon Valley of Brazil. This expedition almost took the life… View Article

Unclassified - Published on 24 April 2021

(Toulouse, France. The 23rd of April 2021) – Looking back at Dick Rivers. It’s been two years now, that Dick has left us. But he did not left us as orphans. Among the gems he left us there ‘s a last recording, a last breath we can hear on vinyle (Yes!). This last recording of… View Article

Unclassified - Published on 8 May 2020

A new single “Keep Me In your heart” will be released tomorrow on the 9th of May. This new recording has been done with the Decades and is a message of love and sympathy to send to all the friends during this difficult period of time” according to Franz. The recordings have been done remotely… View Article

Unclassified - Published on 28 March 2020

It was last January, on the 18th, that I and the guy of “The Decades” recorded some new songs live in the studio. Two songs from this session have been kept and will be released. The first excerpt is my song « Go Get Lost », written in 2010 and released on my first album “The French… View Article

Unclassified - Published on 22 March 2019

I’m really pleased to tell you about the schedule of this year, which will open the opportunies of releasing new songs through my Youtube Channel.  In order to get in touch with most of you, I am giving you this link so you won’t miss all the new videos I will post in the future. Have… View Article